Columbia Men’s North Plains II Waterproof Mid Wide Hiking Boot Review

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The Columbia Men’s North Plains II Waterproof Mid Wide Hiking Boot protects your feet all day, with its unmatched fit and comfort. Every of its excellent features, is included in the design, with you in the mind. It is made with durable material, to last long and it is strong enough, to prevent any sharp objects along the way from getting to your feet. While it is utilitarian, it does not lack in looks. Its design is amazing and you can sport the boots to any casual occasion.

Outstanding features of the Men’s Columbian boots

Durable construction

This pair of boots is constructed of durable material. This helps to prevent thorns and other sharp items, from finding their way to your feet. It is a boot, which you can wear to various places.  Its high durability also prolongs its longevity. The leather material is not affected by weather elements.

Supportive heel structure

These boots are made with a slightly raised and robust heel. This helps you to keep your feet on the ground, regardless of the terrain. The heel also contributes largely to the stability of the whole boot. All the same, it has made to maintain the balance of your heel and protect it from straining.

Techlite midsole for added comfort

The Columbia Men’s North Plains II Boots, features a techlite midsole. The midsole is molded, to ensure that you feel comfortable when you are wearing the hiking boots. Sometimes, you are forced to follow a long trail, without having rest. At these instances, you will certainly need a comfortable boot. The midsole is paramount in a hiking boot, since it balances the heel and its front.

Mid-level hiking boots

The Columbia has designed these boots, to cover most of your lower part of your legs. This way, you are fully protected from scratchy vegetation or small dangerous insects. In addition, the boots bar debris from getting into the shoes. Apart from offering you maximum protection, these boots, are also built for comfort. The interior is made of cushioned and breathable material. It is recommended that when you are selecting a pair of boots, you should pick a shoe with a few extra inches. This is because you need comfortable boots, to last a day in a hiking adventure.

Non-marking outsole

The outsole is contoured along the design of the boot. It is crafted from Omni-Grip non-marking traction rubber but still very comfortable.  Besides, the material is light, to ensure that you do not get tired easily. After all, you need the energy to explore the outdoors.

This is your ultimate boot. You will certainly fall in love with the design of the boots.  It is also a durable boot, which will protect your feet from the dangers of the wild, from insects to the scratches from vegetation. Furthermore, the boots are comfortable all thanks to the midsole, the ankle collar and the padded interior. Find your size today and add it to your collection of hiking shoes.

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