Timberland Men’s 15130 Chocurua Trail Hiking Boot Review

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Timberland is a leading shoe manufacturer and it is yet to disappoint its customers. Their Timberland Men’s 15130 Chocurua Trail GTX Boot, Brown/Green, 10.5 W (Apparel) is designed primarily for the hiking trails. It is made with the modern man in mind. While it is functional, it is not compromised when it comes to style. Protection and comfort are two things, which characterize this pair of boots. Why should you pick this pair of boots? Let’s find out together.

Ergonomic design

Timberland has gone out of their way, yet again to bring you a comfortable hiking boot, which you will love to wear the whole day. They have used an anti-fatigue technology, to assure your feet comfort, notwithstanding the period you will be wearing the boots. From the interiors to the outsole, all the features contribute in their own way to the comfort of the shoes. It is all you need to face those long trails, you so want to hike.

Quality nubuck leather built

The hiking boots are constructed from premium nubuck leather, which is a specialty of Timberland. The strong material ensures the longevity of the boots. You will wear it for a long time before you think of a replacement. The leather is also comfortable to wear, which is important for any hiking boot. The leather is also impervious to water. Hence, do not hesitate to wear the boots on a rainy day or early in the morning, before the dewfalls.

Highly flexible forefoot

The forefoot is wide enough, to allow easy movement of your toes. As experts recommend, you should wear a shoe that fits and makes you feel comfortable. This is one thing that this Timberland Men’s 15130 Chocurua Trail GTX Boot, Brown/ Green, 10.5 W (Apparel), provides. The forefront is flexible and cushioned to provide maximum comfort.

Cushioned collar

Since the hiking boots reach up to the ankle, the boots have a padded collar, to ensure that your ankle is well protected. Friction from walking can cause bruises on your ankle. Besides, bruising the ankle may strain, especially when you are trending on an irregular ground.

Gore Tex membrane

The boots also bear a Gore Tex membrane. This membrane is breathable. Hence, it allows air to circulate with ease in the shoe. It is important for your feet to remain dry but again be in a position to breathe effectively. The membrane prevents build up of heat inside the boots, which can lead to sweating and production of bad odor.

Primaloft insulation

The entire boot features an insulated coating. This is responsible for keeping off heat accumulation in the shoe as well as keeping your feet warm, during the cold season.

With that, you understand why Timberland Men’s 15130 Chocurua Trail GTX Boot, Brown/ Green, 10.5 W (Apparel), leads and others follow. It is designed to cover trails, where you would not take just any other ordinary shoes. Comfort and protection, are its definitive characteristics. Its brown/green color makes it the appropriate pair of boots, to wear to the jungle. You can get your pair from various online stores.

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