Keen Men’s Targhee II Mid Outdoor Boot Review

Keen Men’s Targhee II Mid Outdoor Boot Raven/ Tortoise Shell, 9 M US, is the perfect shoe, for conquering varying conditions in the woods. The boot reaches a few inches, from the ankle, which protects your feet from getting hurt. It is also stable footwear to spot to any terrain. It is one shoe that you will find indispensable. Hike with confidence, knowing that your feet are safe and are feeling comfortable.

KEEN Men's Targhee II Mid Outdoor Boot, Raven/Tortoise Shell, 9 M US

What does the Keen Men’s Targhee II Mid Outdoor Boot provide?

Waterproof nubuck leather for the top

The waterproof nubuck leather makes it impossible for water to get into the boots. It keeps any humid or water drops, from getting into the shoes. This is what makes the boots, suitable for hiking during the wet season. Furthermore, most hiking trails pass through humid areas. It is also important that your feet remain dry at all times, for your own health.

Contoured heel loop

The contoured heel lock supports your ankle. It can be overwhelming when you have to hike for hours. But, this has been taken care of by Keen Men’s, by including the contoured heel lock, in the design of this pair of hiking boots. It saves your ankle the stress and leaves you to enjoy your time outdoors.

Breathable membrane

If you have to wear hiking boots for a very long time, sometimes they can be suffocating. The sun may also make your feet to sweat. That is why, the manufacturer of these hiking boots, have included a membrane. This enables your feet to breathe with ease and in turn, it prevents the production of odor.

Powerful and supportive heel structure

The heel structure of the boots is made of a durable material. This keeps your heel from straining. Besides, it allows you to trend in different areas. The heel is also low and has adequate traction features, to keep it on the ground. It does not matter for how long, you will be walking, this pair of boots will keep your feet protected and supported.

Padded footbed

All thanks to the ingenuity of the experts in Keen Men’s outdoor boot, these boots come with a padded footbed. It supports and makes your feet comfortable. It takes in any shock as you make strides on the mountain, down some valley to a particular cave or to any other place. The footbed is also removable, which makes cleaning it easier.

Dual density midsole

For enhanced stability, this pair of boots from Keen Men’s, feature a dual density midsole. It harmonizes the shoe by balancing the front and its back.
The Keen Men’s Targhee II Mid Outdoor Boot, Raven/ Tortoise Shell is a great hiking shoe. Wear it to any hiking trail and the experience will be memorable. It is designed for maneuvering tough conditions. A waterproof material, breathability, and stability, are the main elements of these boots, you cannot afford to miss on. You can buy your pair online, to wear it to your next hiking tour.

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