Ahnu Women’s Sugarpine II Hiking Boot Review

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For women, who have a thing for hiking, Ahnu Women’s Sugarpine II Boot Hiking Boot, Deep Teal, 8M US (Shoes) will be a perfect boot. It is designed for women who want to spend a great time outdoors. From its vibrant color to the comfortable feel, this pair of boots is feminine in all aspects. All the same, the boots still maintain the quality and the durability of Ahnu’s line of shoes. If you are looking for a great boot to go to the woods, here are some of the reasons this should be the choice:

Waterproof hiking boot

The entire boot is made of a waterproof material. This makes sure that water does not find its way into the shoes when you are following the trails. The material keeps your feet dry and ensures that the shoe lasts long. Hence, it is perfect to wear during the early hours of the morning, when the grass is laden with dew or even when it is raining. Wear the boots to go out hiking, during winter, but your feet will remain in the best possible.

Highly stable

These women boots from Anhu are designed with momentum technology, to ensure their stability. They are built strong but again very feminine. The hiking boots are stable enough to handle very rugged terrain. You can stride with confidence, knowing that the boots will take care of you.

Cushioned tongue

The tongue of this hiking boots is cushioned, to keep the toes comfortable and soft. Besides, it features a raised position, to be able to pass through bushes and clutter, without letting in debris into the shoe. The tongue also adds to the trendy design of this boots.

Contoured sturdy sole

The sole is contoured to fit the outline of the shoe. But, at the same time, it is durable and sturdy. It does not give in to pressure from pricks, nails or any other sharp objects, you may encounter outdoors. This is enough assurance that you will be safe and comfortable all through.

TPU heel clip

Another thing that adds to the stability of the Ahnu Women’s Sugarpine II Boot Hiking Boots is its TPU heel clip. The heel makes the shoe stable, so that you are in control of yourself, when you are climbing over rocks, getting in and from caves.

Trendy and colorful

The beauty with this pair of boots is that it is made lovely for the modern and outgoing woman. Do not just wear it during hiking, but you can also make it great footwear for the weekends, when you are out with friends.

The Ahnu Women’s Sugarpine II Boot Hiking Boot can make your outdoor moments better and memorable. They are your weapon, for handling all kinds of terrain. They are durable and hence, long lasting. Besides, the boots are waterproof to protect your feet from humidity. The colorful aura, which the boots carry, is another reason, for making these shoes a part of your hiking gear.

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