La Sportiva Spantik Mountaineering Boot Review

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The La Sportiva Spantik Mountaineering Boot-Men’s combines style and functionality. With its black, silver and yellow, color mix and the sturdy construction, the boot is made for different weather conditions, without compromising on style. Since it is designed for mountain climbing; the boot covers your leg up to some few inches beyond the ankle. It is waterproof, highly stable and amazingly comfortable. It is all you need to make mountain climbing, much easier.

Why should you consider this Mountaineering Boot, for your hiking adventures?


  • Leather
  • Carbon fiber sole
  • Outer Boot: PU-Tech transparent PU-coated embossed Benecke CeraCom® PUR leatherette/ Water-repellent Lorica® with Antiacqua™ external coating/ Vibram® rubber rand/ Molded TPU ankle backstay reinforcement/ PE micro-cellular thermal insulating closed cell foam lined with a thermo-reflective aluminum facing coated with an anti-abrasion flockingcoated with an anti-abrasion flocking.
  • Inner Boot: Micro-perforated thermo-formable PE/ Water-repellent Lorica® with Antiacqua™ external coating
  • Insole: 5mm thermal structure carbon fiber and aluminum insulation;
  • Midsole: TPU/ Dual-density Micropore EVA; Sole: Vibram® Montagna
  • Last: Nuptse
  • Weight: 44.48 oz / 1261 g

Waterproof properties

La Sportiva brings you a pair of boots, which are suited for wet weather, which characterize the mountains. The upper part is waterproof. Therefore, it does not matter the level of humidity or rainfall, along with your trail, your feet will remain dry all along. Of course, dry feet are more likely to be warm too. You can agree that high up in the mountains, temperatures can get very low and without a good hiking boot, the journey can be unbearable.

Breathable inner coating

The inner coating of these mountaineering boots are made with a perforated material, which helps to increase breathability. It also acts as an insulator. While the outside temperatures may get to the negative, the inner coating ensures that your feet remain warm. This is because it prevents heat from getting out, through its reflective aluminum coating.

Optimized for high altitudes

If you have an affinity for high altitudes, then this is your ultimate Mountaineering Boot. It is heavily cushioned on the inside and well insulated to ensure that, you do not give in to the pressure of the cold weather. It is the best mountaineering boot, to help you in reaching the peak of various snow-capped mountains. It is also made with unmatched stability, which makes it a proper choice for such technical terrains.

Rear and ankle reinforcement

When climbing, the ankle and the rear end of your leg is pressured by the effects from the ground. However, La Sportiva has taken care of that problem, by including reinforcement, for both the ankle and the backside of your feet. This stabilizes the boots but most importantly protects your feet.

Dual density midsole

In the middle of the sole, you find a dual density midsole, which helps to balance the shoe. Besides, improving the stability of the boots, it is also an ergonomic feature. It makes your feet to feel comfortable, no matter how long you wear the boots.

Aggressive EVA sole

Another feature, which makes La Sportiva Spantik Mountaineering Boot- Men’s to tick, is its aggressive EVA sole. Although the sole, is not thick, it is durable and stable enough, to cruise challenging terrains. Its multi-directional lugs, improves its traction.

La Sportiva Spantik Mountaineering Boot- Men’s, is an intelligent choice for hiking boots. Especially for those, who are into mountain climbing, there cannot be another match. The boots are built to confer warmth, comfort and protection. You will love the design too, which has ghillie lacing, making this pair of boots, the most convenient. You can be assured that you will never go wrong, with this stylish and utilitarian mountaineering boot.

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