KEEN Women’s Targhee II Mid Outdoor Boot Review

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The Targhee II Mid Raven Bossa Novais another heavy-duty hiking boot. It is designed to cushion and protect your feet, from the wrath of the jungle. The outer covering is waterproof to prevent the water from getting into the shoe. This way, your feet remain dry. The boots are also cushioned on the inside so that your feet feel comfortable. The shoe also features loops for speedy and effective lacing.

KEEN Women's Targhee II Mid Outdoor Boot, Raven/Bossa Nova

Why should you buy Targhee II Mid Raven Bossa Nova?

Nubuck leather for waterproof experience

Leather and water do not mix. That is why, the manufacturer of this boot, has decided to use Nubuck leather, to make their shoes. It does not let in water, which maintains your feet dry, regardless of the weather. In most cases, hiking trails are based in mountains or hills. These areas are often soggy and wet for the better part of the year. This pair of boots allows you to have a good time when you are hiking in such areas.

Breathable membrane

Not every other day, the weather is wet. Sometimes, people hike during the summer season, when temperatures are at the peak. Such times may make you feel uncomfortable when you are wearing boots. However, this is not the case with the Targhee II Mid Raven Bossa Nova. The boots feature a breathable membrane, which allows air to circulate in the shoe. You will find this feature instrumental when you go hiking in summer.

Contoured heel lock

The entire heel lock is contoured to keep the ankle in balance. This allows you to move your legs in any direction. It is ergonomic, which is distinctive in these boots. With the entire day to maneuver through thickets, an uncomfortable shoe is the last thing you want.

Removable dual footbed

For maximum comfort, inside the shoe is a removable footbed. This ensures that you are comfortable, when you are wearing the shoe. The footbed is padded to feel soft on your leg. It enables your legs to stay in proper condition, even after walking over long distances. This pair of boots is the pride of avid hikers.

High density molded midsole

The high density molded midsole, maintains your stability when you are hiking. It keeps your center of gravity in balance, such that you do not topple over, when you are walking on irregular landscapes.

Tough rubber outsole

The hiking boots also have a tough rubber outsole. Its sole cannot be passed through by various pricks in the jungle. The outsole is also optimized for trending on slimy areas, especially when you are hiking during the cold season.

The Targhee II Mid Raven Bossa Nova are an amazing pair of boots. It has excellent features including a waterproof leather construction, dual density midsole, breathable membrane as well as contoured heel lock among others. Its design is also lovely and the boot weighs about 397 grams. This makes it suitable to be worn by both genders. Its nice design makes it a proper casual wear, to spot to other outdoor activities rather than hiking. Get your pair today and have fun outdoors.

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