Scarpa Men’s Phantom 6000 Mountaineering Boot Review

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Scarpa Men’s Phantom 6000 Mountaineering Boot is an exceptional boot. One of its outstanding features is the below-knee length built. That is why; Scarpa sells it as a mountaineering boot. It offers maximum protection to the whole leg as one climbs over rocky cliffs. It is also built with excellent features, which improves its comfort including the midsole and the inner cushioning. If you are looking for a boot for mountain climbing, you should pick this mountaineering boot for the following reasons:

Cordura sleek design

This mountaineering boot from Scarpa has an amazing design. It has a fitting construction, which covers your feet and goes up all the way to reach below the knee. The entire boot is made of rubber-like material but yet breathable, which features two colors black and orange. Every inch of the boot, exhibit the ingenuity of the manufacturer. Although it is made to be functional, its sense of style is evident.

Ergofit mechanism

Since the mountaineering boots are high, the manufacturer has employed an Ergofit system, which ensures that the boots fit without challenges. The material is flexible to allow your feet to move around naturally when you are walking on the technical terrain.

Strong Vibram sole

The high-length boot is supported by a strong rubber outsole. The sole is made of tough rubber, which does not give in to the abrasion from the rocks. The rubber adds comfort to the boots, by absorbing the shock effects. It is also hard to be pricked by thorns or sharp stone flakes. Owing to the high quality of the rubber, the boots can last for a very long time.

Randing locks at the rear

At the back of the mountaineering boots, is an important feature, the randing locks. This helps to keep you supported as you climb up the mountain. Besides, it is a safety feature, which keeps your ground on the cliff and prevents you from falling off.

Waterproof gaitor

The hiking boots have a waterproof gaiter, which makes it suitable for use in different weather conditions. Whether it is raining or it is dewy, this pair of boots will keep your feet dry. Usually, the mountains are characterized by cold temperatures. The Scarpa Men’s Phantom 6000 Mountaineering Boot, is insulated against cold weather. Hence, you are completely covered to concentrate on climbing the mountain, rather than on fighting the cold.

Advanced midsole

The midsole is designed to offer comfort and stability to your feet. It is positioned in a way; it pulls off pressure from the front sole and the heel.

Scarpa Men’s Phantom 6000 Mountaineering Boot is the leading boot for the mountains. If you are an avid mountain climber, you really need to try on this pair of boots. They are comfortable in every sense and they are designed to keep your feet protected from sharp objects. It is also a light boot, which makes it comfortable to wear to higher grounds. Furthermore, it is warm. Hence, it helps a lot when you are climbing snowy mountains. It is time; you invested in your own pair.

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