Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot Review

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Columbia has been known to produce a wide range of outdoor footwear. They have done it all over again, by manufacturing the Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot, Quarry/Cool Wave, 8.5M US (Shoes). It is designed for a woman who wants to explore the wild, without hindrances. No matter the weather, this pair of boots gives you an experience of a lifetime. Some of its top features include waterproof construction, breathable mesh and trod outsole for improved traction. Here is a detailed account of the features to expect in these amazing boots:

Full grain leather construction

This women’s specialty for hiking is made of full grain leather. It, therefore, carries the waterproof properties of leather. The boots do not let in water and they are therefore the best to wear during early mornings when the grass is still dewy. Besides, the leather covering does not stain easily and you can clean it with ease.

Molded midsole

Right in the middle of the outsole of the boot, is a molded midsole. It is an ergonomic feature, which increases the stability of the boots and protects your feet from strains. You can wear the boots, to any place and as for long as you want, without ending up with tight muscles.

Heavily treaded sole

If you are adventurous, you need to be more careful and try to wear protective gear. Hiking trails can be soggy to dusty, based on the season. During the wet weather, it is important that you wear a shoe with an unmatched traction. This way, it gives you a great grip on the ground, to ensure safety. Apart from being trodden, the sole is also robust but compact enough to feel lighter on your feet.

Stylish and sporty

Whether you are looking for a hiking boot or a great casual shoe, nothing will tickle your fancies as the Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot, Quarry/ Cool Wave, 8.5M US (Shoes). It has a beautiful design, to suit the feminine needs of a contemporary woman. Besides, its external is sporty but the interior is very habitable and comfortable.

Heavily padded on the inside

This pair of boots from Columbia is padded on the inside, for your tender feet. It allows you to wear the boots, for a long time, without getting hurt. Make your hiking adventure memorable, by wearing these shoes, without fearing that you will get bruises.

Easy lacing

Tying shoelaces is something that a good percentage of people detest. If you are among them, then you will love the speedy lacing, which the Columbia hiking boots for women provide. You can tie the shoes within minutes and proceed to your outdoor adventure.

Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot, Quarry/ Cool Wave, 8.5M US (Shoes), suits any woman with an outgoing personality. If you are that person, who love to spend their weekends and holidays, outdoors on hiking tours, this is a great boot, to wear. It is durable, stable and very comfortable.

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