Kenetrek Men’s Insulated Hunting Boot Review

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The Kenetrek Men’s Mountain Guide Insulated Hunting Boot is a hiking shoe that does not respect the terrain and the weather. It is made for the modern hunter, who has no limits. It has a sturdy design, which provides the stability that is needed in rugged lands but also offer comfort to your feet. Its chocolate color completes this beautiful pair of boots. The hunting boot is a great buy. Let’s look at some of the features, to assist you in making a buying decision.

Pure leather construction

The exterior of this hunting boot is constructed from pure leather. The leather is of high quality and carries all the properties of the natural material. The leather is waterproof. Hence, no water gets into the shoes. This makes the feet to stay dry. The material is also not susceptible to pricks and other dangers you can expect to face in the wild.

Vibram sole

The entire sole is made from a Vibram material. The sole absorbs shock and cushions the feet, no matter what the terrain throws to it. The material is durable and therefore, well capable of lasting a lifetime. It faces the abrasion from the rocks and the rough ground, with confidence. The Vibram sole is very stiff to resist any force but again it feels comfortable.

Reinforced midsoles

The hunting boots are designed with a set of midsoles. They are reinforced with metal shanks, to provide more support. The midsoles take off the pressure from your heel and the toes. The midsole is thickened to form a part of the outer sole.

Waterproof and breathable outer boot

The Kenetrek Men’s Mountain Guide Insulated Hunting Boot features a waterproof coating. This material keeps off water from entering into the shoe. This way, your feet remain dry, to ensure that you are comfortable as you hike. The material is also perforated to improve breathability.

Rubber toe guard

The front sole is covered with rubber, to ensure that your toes do not get hurt. It also allows the toes to move around and prevent them from the shock effects of being knocked. The rubber toe guard offers the protection you need to keep your toes safe.

Thinsulate insulation on the interior

The beautiful chocolate boots from Kenetrek has Thinsulate insulation, on the inside. This helps to keep the feet warm by preventing heat loss. It is a great property, in particular when you have to hike on very cold places. The insulation also comes in handy, when it is raining.

Surely the Kenetrek Men’s Mountain Guide Insulated Hunting Boot is your guide to the mountains. It is a high-performance hiking boot, which is not only comfortable and highly durable. It is also convenient to wear, all thanks to the advanced lace-up technology, which makes lacing much easier. What more, the entire outer boot is waterproof, which means that it can be worn during the day as well as the wet season. The boots cover most of the leg, which makes it a candidate for mountaineering.

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