Hi-Tec Men’s Altitude V I WP Hiking Boot Review

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The Hi-Tec Men’s Altitude V I WP Hiking Boot does not have a phobia for heights or irregular terrain. The hiking boot has a waterproof built, which is able to stand the bad weather. Your feet remain dry and insulated from the cold weather outside. The sole and the interiors are also designed, to provide optimal comfort. Other features include a lightweight shank and a molded EVA midsole. All these work towards offering the comfort and the safety you need to hike on different grounds. Let’s explore the features that you should expect in this pair of boots.

Waterproof leather

Hi-Tec has designed this hiking boot, with waterproof full-grain leather, for its upper part. This is a plus, for a boot, which is made for scaling high grounds. It does not allow water in. This keeps the feet at a standard level of humidity, which would otherwise lead to a proliferation of foot fungus. Apart from being waterproof, the leather is also very durable, to face many years of hiking.


Metal hardware for added durability

The hiking boots are reinforced with a metal shank, to improve durability. In addition, the metal hardware enhances the overall appearance of the boots. The gleaming metal, gives the hiking boots, a sleek look. The metal remains as good as new since it is rust-resistant. Another thing, the fork shank featured on the Hi-Tec Men’s Altitude V I WP Hiking Boot, Wheat/ Cool Grey/ Black, 12 M US (Shoes), is lightweight but durable. Therefore, it does not increase the weight of the boots, for comfort and flexibility.

EVA molded midsole

The EVA molded midsole keeps the hiking boots in balance. The midsole act as the shock absorber. The feature cushions your feet from the effects of the ground vibrations and disruptions. Together with the heel and the front sole, the midsole, enhances the stability of the boots, which is required in hiking boots.

Rugged outsole

The outsole is rugged to provide the much-needed traction when walking on sensitive hiking trails. It ensures that your feet remain firmly attached to the ground, notwithstanding the angles you take. Hence, it is perfect hiking footwear, to sport during the wet season. The rugged outsole and the waterproof leather material will improve your experience.

Dark color

This hiking boot from Hi-Tec is built for the jungle, way from its design to its dark color. The color also makes it suitable for wearing to other casual occasions. It is stylish and lovely, to wear with other casual wear in your wardrobe.

The Hi-Tec Men’s Altitude V I WP Hiking Boot, is a heavy-duty but very comfortable hiking shoe. It has a waterproof construction, which makes it suitable for all-weather use, especially the wet weather. Moreover, it is made for comfort as well as the protection of your feet. Nonetheless, Hi-Tec has not compromised the beauty of this hiking boot. It’s wheat brown color is a plus.

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