Men’s Extreme Insulated Hunting Boot Review

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Get in the move with the Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 400 Boots, Brown, Insulated Mountain, 15.0 Medium KE-420-400 15.0MED (Apparel). This is a tough boot, which is designed to face the rugged terrain, with exceptional toughness. It is has a waterproof outer boot and a Thinsulate insulation, on the inside. Traction outer sole and a midsole are other features, which are meant to offer support and comfort. You will love this hunting boot, owing to its excellent support. If you are yet to be convinced, below are some helpful cues:

2.8mm full grain leather

The beautiful hunting boot is made of 2.8mm thick full grain leather. The upper part of the boot, proceeding all the way to the front of the boot, do not feature seams and for all the good reasons. The main purpose for this amazing design is to enhance its waterproofing capabilities. Besides, it also helps to resist abrasion, from vegetation, rocks and the like, when you are on the move.

Nylon midsoles

In the middle part of the durable hunting boot, there is the nylon midsole. The midsole is primarily designed to support your weight. It is also softer on the feet. For extra strength, the nylon midsoles are reinforced with steel shanks. They help a lot when you are walking on irregular land areas.

Wind-tex Waterproof and breathable material

The Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 400 Boots, Brown, Insulated Mountain, 15.0 Medium KE-420-400 15.0MED (Apparel), boasts a wind-tex waterproof material. It helps to prevent rainwater and dew from the vegetation, from infiltrating into the shoes. The material is also breathable, which means that it allows air circulates easily into the shoe.

400g of Thinsulate insulation

For added comfort, the boots are insulated with 400g of Thinsulate. This material is known to be among the leading insulators. It covers the entire interior of the boots. This way, your feet remain dry and warm, regardless of the external temperatures. On the mountains, it is normal for temperatures to go below the normal level this can get very uncomfortable. But, at least, Kenetrek has made sure that this brown pair of boots is completely insulated.

K-talon outer soles

The K-talon outer soles are very tough to handle various terrains. They are made from a material, which does not give into abrasion. The soles also feature tread marks, which provides maximum traction. Furthermore, the soles are lightweight, which makes the boot comfortable. Whether you are climbing on slimy rocks or hiking on a soggy trail, you will find this pair of brown boots, to be very indispensable.

The Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 400 Boots is your ultimate hiking boot. It is designed with new technology, to offer waterproof and improved breathability. It is a mountaineering boot, for all seasons, which does not retract from bad weather. Instead, it faces the terrain, with much confidence. It is what you need to make your outdoor adventures, more magical. If you want this pair of boots, go online and find your fit.

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