Why Carry Pepper Spray When Hiking

Hiking can be one of the most reinvigorating activities that a person can choose to do. The busy nature of modern life can leave anyone feeling frazzled, exhausted, and drained. The decision to set aside some time to commune with nature can be a potential solution to address the sense of unease that plagues most modern professional. Hiking is extremely alluring because it places you in direct contact with a number of natural elements that you aren’t present in your regular routine. A variety of plant and animal life populates every hiking trail and the level of diversity that you encounter tends to grow as you begin to take on more demanding hiking trails. The further off the beaten path you go, the more beautiful the hiking trail becomes. Arduous hiking trails boast breathtaking sights but there are potential dangers lurking behind every shrub and tree as well.

If you are seriously considering the prospect of going deep into forests and mountains for a hike, then you need to take on necessary precautions. Your safety should be the first thing that you consider when you intend to plunge into hiking trails that are rife with animal activity. The demands inherent in hikes of this nature require you to bring tools to address possible attacks that could come from bears, mountain lions, and other wild animals. Bringing along a can of pepper spray with you during a hike can mean the difference between safety and a lethal situation.

Hikers who encounter wild animals in the middle of a hike have very limited options available to them. The prospect of having to defend yourself against a bear or a mountain lion is severely unpleasant. Physically, these animals outstrip humans in every way possible. It would be pointless for you to attempt to run away from a bear or a mountain lion when they can rapidly overtake you. Attempting to fend off an animal attack without the proper tools on hand will be similarly pointless. Fortunately, a can of pepper spray can help you to address these scenarios immediately and effectively.

Using pepper spray to defend yourself is the most effective solution available for hikers who intend to traverse dangerous terrain. While you may not be physically capable of outrunning a mountain lion, you can easily confound them with the strategic use of pepper spray long enough for you to run away and call for help. There may be other items that could help to fend off attacks from wild animals but the lightweight profile of a can of pepper spray makes it perfect for the physical demands of a lengthy hike.

You cannot just blindly wield a can of pepper spray and expect a wild animal to yield to your attempts to defend yourself. You need to pair the use of pepper spray with a sound sense of strategy to properly combat possible hazards that may populate a hiking route. In case you encounter a wild animal, stand your ground and maintain a level of calm. Do not attempt to use the can of pepper spray until the animal comes close. Once the animal in question is within range, spray them in between the eyes to blind and confound them. Once this is done, you can run for shelter or look for help without fear of being attacked.

Using pepper spray to resolve animal attacks is only effective when you exercise a healthy amount of caution and awareness. Be mindful of your surroundings at all times. A lack of situational awareness can easily compromise you even if you’re well equipped. Be prepared and well equipped to keep yourself safe over the course of a hiking trip.