Top 10 Best Mountaineering Boots 2024

Here’s the updated list of our popular Top 10 Best Mountaineering Boots for 2024. Below you’ll find the old favorites as well as a few additions we’ve just recently discovered. You’re sure to find the perfect pair of rugged footwear for even the most extreme activities – or just shoveling snow!

La Sportiva Makalu Mountaineering Boot - Men's Natural 44.5

La Sportiva Makalu Mountaineering Boot

For those serious about mountaineering, this pair of Makalu Mountaineering Boots is a perfect choice. Made with top class Idro-Perwanger water-repellent leather, this iconic pair is created for general mountaineering. La Sportiva has achieved a perfect balance between comfort (thanks to MtnFlex insoles), support, and durability, meaning these boots can be worn for days on end. Toe protection is ensured by the Vibram rubber rand. These full steel shank boots work great with crampons but are still easy to lace up thanks to the EZ roller ball hardware. Our top pick for 2024!

Scarpa Fuego Mountaineering Boot,Bronze,46.5 EU/12.5 M US

Scarpa Fuego Mountaineering Boot

Firefighters love this pair of Scarpa Fuego Mountaineering Boots as they are flawlessly designed to protect your feet from the most intense outdoor elements. Originally crafted with wild land firefighters in mind, the highest-quality leather is used to ensure that feet always stay dry & comfortable inside. A classic-styled mountaineering boot featuring a tall cuff and double + gusseted tongue for superior fit and protection against tiny debris. Superb protection & durability is achieved by Vibram’s technology in the aggressive rugged sole.

Scarpa Men's Mont Blanc Goretex Mountaineering Boot, Orange

Scarpa Men’s Mont Blanc Goretex Mountaineering Boot

The Scarpa Men’s Mont Blanc Goretex Mountaineering Boot is perfect for heavy-duty outdoor activities that include snow and rocky mountain slopes. Perfect for experienced hikers and skiers, this pair of boots provide maximum comfort and outstanding durability! Equipped with GORE-TEX technology, they will keep your feet nice and toasty inside during the coldest weather on earth. The included advanced shock absorption technology provides all-around support for your feet to prevent injury. Vibram TT3 gives this pair intense traction for the outsoles.

Salewa Men's MS Pro Guide W Mountaineering Boot, Black/Yellow, 9 W US

Salewa Men’s MS Pro Guide W Mountaineering Boot

Suitable for rough outdoor activities, the Salewa Men’s Pro Guide Insulated Fit Hiking Boot is a must-buy for experienced skiers and mountaineers. Designed with comfort and feet support in mind, this pair comes with the Salewa Flex System that provides both flexibility and blister prevention. Legendary GORE-TEX insulated Duratherm XL Lining keeps your toes warm in even the most extreme weather situations. Expect superior ankle support from the steel wired-heel, which provides for additional stability and alignment.

Salewa Men's MS Condor EVO GTX M Mountaineering Boot

Salewa Men’s MS Condor EVO GTX M Mountaineering Boot

The newest addition to our 2020 Top 10 list, the Nepal EVO GTX Boot by La Sportiva is packed with advanced features. From the rugged Vibram Teton sole to the Perwanger suede leather upper, maximum attention was given to achieve comfort, extreme durability, and stability. The specialized “3D System EVO” lacing allows individual adjustments to be made on the 3 distinct areas of the boot, each of which can be fine-tuned to achieve the best possible performance & fit. Gore-Tex Performance Comfort lining & hybrid crampon compatibility + unique color scheme!

Salewa Men's MS Pro Vertical W Mountaineering Boot, Black/Yellow, 7 W US

Salewa Men’s MS Pro Vertical W Mountaineering Boot

A must buy for hiking snow-filled mountain caps, the Salewa Men’s Vertical Pro Wide Mountaineering Boot is also a perfect option for any extreme adventure. This lightweight pair of boots features a Salewa 3F System integrated into each boot which provides superior ankle hold, lateral support, and a superb fit for your feet. Having Salewa’s advanced technology assures that your feet will be safe from blisters. The inclusion of 400 aluminum layer lining is sure to keep your toes and feet warm in even the most severe weather.

Scarpa Inverno Mountaineering Boot Black 10

Scarpa Inverno Mountaineering Boot Black 10

If embarking on an expedition of Mt. Everest or other high-altitude climbing destinations, the Scarpa Inverno Mountaineering Boot is the top choice for you! Designed with high-altitude outdoor activities in mind, they include a high-altitude Pebax liner to ensure your feet stay cozy and warm inside. Made from top-grade synthetic materials, this boot is lightweight and comes with a flexible Pebax outer shell. The boot also features a rocker sole that makes walking around the base camp much easier.

Salewa Men's MS Raven Combi GTX M Mountaineering Boot, Black/Yellow, 12 M US

Salewa Men’s MS Raven Combi GTX M Mountaineering Boot

Suitable for mountaineering activities all year round, the Salewa Men’s MS Raven Combi GTX M best Mountaineering Boot are made with high-quality leather to always keep your feet dry. These boots are designed to allow foot flexibility when needed, ensuring a perfect fit at all times. Keeping your feet steady and preventing rubbing provides for a blister-free experience. A steel wire ensures your ankle is fully supported and stable to prevent injuries. Semi-automatic crampons are supported with TPU inserts in the heels.

Scarpa Arctis Expe Boot Yellow 9.5 US

Scarpa Arctis Expe Boot Yellow

Perfect for higher-altitude locations, the Scarpa Arctis Expe Boot is made with top-class synthetic materials. Equipped with Y-Technology’s plastic, the entire boot is especially rigid on areas requiring additional support, yet still supple enough for lacing and walking purposes. It also comes with steel roller lacing to simplify lacing up. There is no need to worry about getting cold feet thanks to the durable liner and heat-reflective insole. Expect superior traction from the well-known Vibram outsole. A very serious contender in a very competitive list!

Scarpa Men's Phantom 8000 High Altitude Climbing Boot,Orange,45 M EU (11.5 M US Men's)

Scarpa Men’s Phantom 8000 High Altitude Climbing Boot

Designed with the Himalayas in mind, the Scarpa Men’s Phantom 8000 High Altitude Climbing Boot is the last on our list, but still among the best mountaineering boots. Perfect for semi-professional mountain climbers in extreme weather conditions, it incorporates the latest technology to keep feet supported & dry through any journey. Crampon compatibility is flexible & allows both semi-automatic & automatic options. To keep your feet warm, custom mold-able Thermo liners are included. Insulating foam is sandwiched between heat reflective aluminum in the upper to provide maximum protection against elements. Built to endure the wildest adventures!

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