Top 10 Best Keen Hiking Boots 2020

KEEN Men's Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot,Chestnut/Bossa Nova,11 M US

KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Providing astounding ankle support, traction and breathability, the KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid Waterproof hiking boot will master the roughest trails. Lightweight and comfortable this shoe keeps you energized mile after mile without allowing water in. Through a range of conditions, you will be able to conquer changing terrain while being protected from debris and rock. Supportive and strong, lacing into these hikers will help you hit the mark every time you hit the trail.

KEEN Women's Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot, Black Olive/Slate Rose, 9 M US

KEEN Women’s Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Go out for a refreshing day hiking with the Women’s Targhee II Waterproof Hiking Boots by KEEN. This hiking boot keeps you ready for off-road adventure taking you to the trail and beyond. Do not let the rain stop you from reaching your goals because these boots ensure your feet will stay dry and comfortable while providing stability and a secure ride. Lace them up, take off on your next great escapade, and make the wilderness your playground.

KEEN Men's Gypsum Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot,Dark Earth/Neutral Gray,10 M US

KEEN Men’s Gypsum Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Let the KEEN Men’s Gypsum Mid Waterproof Boots be the sidekick to your next adventure. Built to stand up to the elements, these boots provide both support and protection as you enjoy a variety of adventures. These boots will bite into the ground beneath your feet, keeping you stable and dry as you meet every trailhead on. Slide your feet into these and run on clouds from the ample cushioning of comfort they provide.

KEEN Men's Voyageur Mid Hiking Boot,Raven/Tawny Olive,9.5 M US

KEEN Men’s Voyageur Mid Hiking Boot

Made for any voyage off-road, the KEEN Men’s Voyager Mid Hiking Boot allows you to glide over rugged terrain like there is no tomorrow. You will be hopping between boulders with the stability, support, and phenomenal traction provided in this boot. Experiencing plenty of breathabilities, your feet will also enjoy comfort while you flirt with nature out in the wild. Go hop across a scream and be amazed at how dry your feet remain in these outdoor boots.

KEEN Men's Koven Mid WP Hiking Boot,Shitake/Brindle,10.5 M US

KEEN Men’s Koven Mid WP Hiking Boot

Do you hear that? It is the sound of the wild calling. Answer it with the KEEN Men’s Koven Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot. This hiker is constructed to let moisture escape while keeping water locked out, keeping you comfortably dry on your next expedition. You will travel farther with every step thanks to the stability and support provided by this shoe. No matter where the call of the wild takes you, these hikers provide the traction you need to get you there.

KEEN Men's Durand Mid WP Hiking Boot,Cascade Brown/Gargoyle,12 M US

KEEN Men’s Durand Mid WP Hiking Boot

The Keen Men’s Durand Mid Waterproof hiking boot keeps you steady on your feet no matter how challenging the terrain may be. Delivering long-lasting durability and performance you will also enjoy protection from the elements as you race toward a day of adventurous fun. Every step you take will experience comfort while the shoe itself resists breakdown and compression. Slip on a pair and be off to conquer your next challenge.

KEEN Women's Koven Mid WP Hiking Boot,Dark Earth/Arabesque,7 M US

KEEN Women’s Koven Mid WP Hiking Boot

Interested in an easy overnighter? Let Keen answer your call with the Women’s Koven Mid-Rise Waterproof Hiking Boot. This rugged hiker offers all-weather protection as well as protection from the elements. You will have ample cushioning underfoot, ensuring optimal comfort. Support is offered where and when you need it most. Race over a variety of outdoor surfaces with the superior traction this hiker offers. Honestly, the only reason not to slip your feet into a pair of these babies is if you are a mermaid.


KEEN Men’s Targhee II Hiking Shoe

The KEEN Men’s Targhee II Hiking shoe is designed to ensure you meet your destination while enjoying comfort and durability. Your feet will remain dry, stable and comfortably protected as you roam across the earth. X marks the spot, and while you are searching for the treasure, your feet will remain protected from rocks and debris while superior traction keeps you stable as you race to the finish line to proclaim your destiny.

KEEN Women's Durand Mid WP Hiking Boot, Gargoyle/Capri Breeze, 7.5 M US

KEEN Women’s Durand Mid WP Hiking Boot

Providing premium durability, the KEEN Women’s Durand Mid-Rise Waterproof Hiking Boot is an American-built hiker providing reliable all-weather protection. Experience excellent support and stability when you need it most. Don’t worry about replacing these babies anytime time soon, the midsole ensures long-lasting wear. Experience superior traction over all sorts of surfaces while racing off toward your next phenomenal experience. Jump across a few creeks and be astounded by how dry your feet remain. You cannot go wrong with these hikers.

KEEN Women's Targhee II Waterproof Hiking Shoe,Dark Earth/Allure,7 M US

KEEN Women’s Targhee II Waterproof Hiking Shoe

Looking for a combination of style and durability? Look no further. The Women’s Targhee II Waterproof Trail Shoe by KEEN is designed to comfortably get you where you want to go while providing astounding durability and style all at once. Your feet will remain dry, comfortable and protected while you glide over creeks, streams, and rocks. Stay on the go and enjoy the support and comfort this hiking shoe has to offer.