Top 10 Best Columbia Hiking Boots 2018

Columbia Women's Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot,Quarry/Cool Wave,8 M US

Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Columbia Hiking Boot

For the hiker who loves being outdoors for extended periods – these boots provide support, durability, and comfort while keeping your feet protected and perfectly dry. The Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking boot provides both maximum support and durability while providing excellent comfort and breathability. These boots keep moisture on the outside where it belongs. You will enjoy extended hours in the outdoors, showing off your balance and stability as you glide across the world when you lace into these hikers.

Columbia Men's Newton Ridge Plus II WP Hiking Boot, Cordovan/Squash, 8.5 D US

Newton Ridge Columbia Hiking Boot

In areas where leather, lightweight, waterproof, and durable hikers are needed, Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Hiking Boots are the way to go. These hikers come equipped in a durable, lightweight design. They offer long lasting comfort, superior cushioning and a high-energy return. The rubber traction outsole will keep you balanced and safe during your march across various terrains. These waterproof, lightweight hikers will keep your feet dry, provide the comfort, and support while you strut your stuff and conquer the most arduous trails.

Columbia Men's Woodburn Mid Hiking Boot,Cordovan/Cedar,11.5 D US

Columbia Men’s Woodburn Mid Hiking Boot

The Columbia Men’s Woodburn Mid hiking boot is a reliable hiking shoe designed to provide both great comfort and traction. You will experience a perfect mixture of durability, breathability, and comfort all wrapped up in this one shoe. Long- lasting support and superior comfort will be your experience while you spend a long day hiking the trail. These hikers will keep you upright and on the go thanks to the provision of superior traction and grip. If you are seeking both great comfort and traction, then this hiker is a sure choice.

Columbia Men's Redmond Mid Waterproof Trail Shoe, Cordovan/Dark, 11 D US

Columbia Men’s Redmond Mid Waterproof Trail Shoe

Optimal for the outdoorsman, the Columbia Men’s Redmond Mid-cut Waterproof Trail shoe provides both comfort and protection for your feet while hiking those rocky terrains. These hikers provide both protection and balance. Equipped with a bungee lacing that helps ensure you will not trip over a shoestring, you will also enjoy dry feet and protection from moisture. Made by a reliable company with the intention of providing protection and comfort no matter your walking terrain, your feet will thank you when you pull on a pair of these. One of the best Columbia hiking boots on the market.

Columbia Men's North Plains Mid Wateproof Hiking Boot,Charcoal/Gallion,10 M US

Columbia Men’s North Plains Mid Wateproof Hiking Boot

Are you tired of wearing a pair of hiking boots one time before they fall apart? Built tough to withstand the variety of activities you may come across out on the trail, the Columbia North Plains Waterproof Mid-Hiking boot is both lightweight and durable. Your feet will enjoy maximum comfort, durability, and breathability. These shoes come equipped with plenty of cushioning to dull the ache your feet have previously suffered. These hikers provide traction along multiple surfaces, along with stability and a firm grip to keep you safe while you enjoy the outdoors.

Columbia Men's Mudhawk Waterproof Hiking Boot,Mud/Maple Sugar,10.5 D US

Columbia Men’s Mudhawk Waterproof Hiking Boot

Looking for a boot that will perform as well in the outdoors as it does in the busy city streets? The Mudhawk Men’s Waterproof Hiking Boot produced by Columbia will get you through the muddiest terrains the outdoors has to offer, but they’re also an optimal choice for use in slushy city streets. Your feet will enjoy the added protection in these lightweight, breathable boots that will hold tight to any terrain. Providing you with safety and comfort no matter the conditions in which you intend to wear them – a great choice for many reasons.

Columbia Men's North Plains Water Proof Trail Shoe,Cordovan/Gypsy,10 M US

Columbia Men’s North Plains Water Proof Trail Shoe

Offering a combination of superior traction and moisture protection with aggressively rugged rubber soles and a waterproof breathable membrane, the North Plains Waterproof Trail Shoe for men is ideal for a vast range of tasks including walking, hiking, and running. Produced by Columbia, you will be provided with a combination of performance and durability. Your feet will be secured and protected by the inclusion of a combination of textile, sued and webbing on top. No matter the weather you and this versatile shoe can conquer it together.

Columbia Men's Woodburn Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot,Mud/Toast,12 D US

Columbia Men’s Woodburn Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

The Columbia Woodburn Mid Hiking Boot provides lightweight, waterproof durability for your feet. Remaining dry while hiking is essential to enjoying time outdoors and these boots ensure exactly that through even the wettest of conditions. You will enjoy the benefits of shock absorption, cushioning underfoot, energy return and sure footing as you trek through the vast outdoors. Designed for the outdoorsman, this durable hiker provides both support and comfort from the moment you slide them onto your feet.

Columbia Men's Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot,Cordovan/Treasure,12 M US

Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot

Sick of wet feet when a sudden rainstorm hits while outdoors? The Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boots ensure that your feet stay dry and comfortable. Both secure and breathable, these boots provide ample support and cushioning for your feet on even your busiest day. Experience balance and safety across rocks, dirt, gravel, grass, and even roots. Designed to be secure and provide durability no matter how long you intend to spend hiking on the trails – these boots are built to last through all your adventures.

Columbia Women's Helvatia Mid WP Hiking Boot,Tusk/Firefly,10 M US

Columbia Women’s Helvatia Mid WP Hiking Boot

The glass slipper of hiking boots, the Helevatia Mid Waterproof Boot will keep you comfortable and protected in both wet and dry weather conditions. Produced by Columbia, they come equipped with a cushioned footbed. The shoe will provide a secure fit and ensure no boot will be left behind. You will enjoy a drier foot environment for your feet as well as shock absorption and comfortable support. Make the outdoors your ballroom as you dance across multiple terrains when you lace into these boots.

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