La Sportiva Men’s Baruntse Hiking Shoe Review

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The La Sportiva Men’s Baruntse Hiking Shoe is an all-weather hiking boot. It is designed for men, who are willing to maneuver rugged terrain. The hiking boots reach up beyond the ankle to ensure that your feet are fully protected. Its exterior is waterproof and the inside is insulated to ensure that heat does not escape or accumulate in the boots. Hence, the boots keep your feet warm and dry but at the same time cool, when the temperatures rise. Why should you buy this men’s boot from La Sportiva?

Waterproof outer boot

The outer boot is 100% waterproof. It makes sure that water does not get into the boots when you go out hiking during the wet season, leaving the inside dry and warm. The waterproof layer is also increasingly durable, to prevent abrasive effects from the rocks and the vegetations, in your hiking ground.

PE insulated outer boot

The outer boot also features two layers of insulation. This way, it protects your feet from the cold outside. No matter how low the temperatures get, which is a common experience, especially when you are hiking on high mountains, this hiking boot will accumulate warmth. It is, therefore, a perfect choice for wearing in winter or during any other cold season.

High-density inner foam

The interior of these hiking boots features high-density foam. The heavy insulation helps to cushion the feet from the shocks experienced when hiking. In addition, the cushioning also acts as an insulator. It ensures that heat does not escape from inside the boots and if it gets hot, it restricts heat from accumulating. The Cordura inside covering is also perforated to enhance breathability. All these features help, in ensuring that the feet are comfortable, all through.

High-tech hardware gaiter for speedy lacing

The boot uses a lacing mechanism to fasten it. But, it does not feature the traditional lacing mechanism. On the contrary, it has high tech hardware, which bears loops, for fast lacing. It does not take you long to lace up before you are on the hiking trail. For those who detest laced shoes, this is quite a choice.

Bumper midsole

The La Sportiva Baruntse Boot-Men’s has a molded midsole, which accords maximum comfort to the feet. It maintains you in balance and prevents your feet from experiencing strains.

Air cushioned sole

Comfort is very important and the sole has to give you just that. The sole of the La Sportiva is air cushioned to give you a spongy feel but again, it is very strong. It does not break or crack with ease.

La Sportiva Baruntse Hiking Boot is a great hiking boot for outdoor challenges. Its waterproof outer boot, allows it to be used in all weather conditions. Besides, it is heavily insulated on the inside, to keep your feet warm and dry. The sole and midsole, are other features, which improve the comfort of this hiking boots. Their beautiful design and the silver color makes them stylish but still ready to face the wild.

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