Ahnu Women’s Montara Hiking Boot Review

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The Ahnu Women’s Montara Hiking Boot, Red Mahogany, 8M US, provides comfort and protection, for women who love the outdoors. With this, beautiful but high-performance boot, you can go to any hiking destination. It maintains your feet comfortable and dry, with its waterproof nubuck leather. The sole and the interiors are all optimized to make your experience, amazing. Its red mahogany color mix makes it attractive and stylish. Below are its top features:

Ahnu Women's Montara Hiking Boot,Red Mahogany,8 M US

Waterproof leather

The beauty with this pair of women boots from Ahnu is that you can wear it in any season. It will come in handy, during winter, when most hiking tours are planned. The leather material prevents water from entering in the shoes. In return, your feet stay dry and gives you the opportunity to have fun, with your friends. The nubuck leather is also a strong material, which resists any abrasion. It will last you long before you need to buy another pair.

Heavily cushioned

While the exterior looks compact and durable, the interior is just what you need to cushion your feet. Women tend to have sensitive feet, which is the main reason, why Ahnu choose to include padded material inside the shoe. The cushioning is featured on the sides as well as on the footbed. Besides, these hiking boots come with a comfortable removable footbed. Since, the footbed can be removed, cleaning the hiking shoes, becomes simple.

Breathable upper part

Even if almost the entire upper part is constructed from nubuck leather, it has been engineered well to enhance breathability. This is an important property, in particular when you are spending time outdoors, during summer. You understand how leather shoes can be uncomfortable during the sunny spell. However, such problems have been taken care of by Ahnu. They have ensured that the boots are breathable, to offer comfort and to prevent the accumulation of odor.

Ankle collar and tongue for unmatched comfort

Mostly, shoes hurt at the ankle and on the toes. That is why it is important for boots to have an ankle collar and tongue. These two features are available in the Ahnu Women’s Montara Hiking Boot. The ankle collar takes care of your ankle whereas the tongue protects your toes. They make the boots even more comfortable.

Vibram outsole

These beautiful boots feature a Vibram outsole. It is built strong and with a powerful material, to accord you the stability you need to maneuver sensitive grounds. The outsole is not only ergonomic but it is also protective. It makes sure that you do not end up with injuries, by the end of your hiking tour.

For a woman, who want a getaway outside the city, Ahnu Women’s Montara Hiking Boot, Red Mahogany, 8M US will be perfect. It is made to offer top-notch comfort and protection. Its design is also something that we cannot turn the blind eye too. This mid ankle-length hiking boot, with a loop lacing mechanism and an attractive red mahogany, will leave you floored.

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