About Us

David TolbertThanks for visiting Boot Lover – my name is David.

I’ve hiked all over the world in shoes, boots & sandals. Experienced the treacherous terrain & incredible views of the Himalayas, the limb numbing cold of -40°F Siberian tundra, the thrill of being chased by bulls in Spain (that one in sandals:) as well as broken feet and toes from choosing the wrong footwear and “learning the hard way” a few times.

Determining the best footwear to match the adventure has always been an extensive search for me, so I’ve created the site here to share the results I find. From ocean rafting to high-altitude expeditions, I’ve gathered some strong preferences for quality foot protection that is as comfortable as possible.

My passion for the subject appears to be contagious as my girlfriend (Hana) has been joining me for the research lately. She has offered to add her own suggestions to the site, so we’ll have a female perspective on a few of the topics as well.

We love boots. We love shoes. We love sandals. We love a lot of things – and we’re glad to share that with you. Thanks for visiting Boot Lover!