Merrell Men’s Annex Mid Gore-Tex Boot Review

Merrell Men’s Annex Mid Gore-Tex Boot, Blue Wing, 10.5 M (US), is a casual sneaker for taking to the mountains. While it is built for hiking, it does not lack in looks as well. It is constructed with durable materials, to stand the harsh weather, when you are following trails. It is also light to take you through the day, without causing bruises. Furthermore, this pair of boots protects your feet but still making sure, you are comfortable. Let’s explore its main features.

Gore-Tex waterproof built

Merrell has made sure that this pair of boots becomes indispensable anytime you are planning on an outdoor expedition. It has been carefully constructed and with the right material, to ensure that your feet remains dry throughout the day. It is therefore a great shoe to hike with when it is wet and when caught up by the rains while hiking, do not hesitate to continue. The boots are designed in a way that water cannot get in the shoe.

Molded midsole and stability plate

In hiking boots, stability is everything. In most cases, you are likely to be trending on a rugged terrain. For instance, for you to safely maneuver rocky hilly areas, a good pair of boots is paramount. This Merrell’s Men’s boots features a molded midsole together with a stability plate, to keep you in balance when you are outdoors. Nonetheless, the inclusions do not add in any way to the overall weight.

Low heeled

The Merrell Men’s Annex Mid Gore-Tex Boot, Blue Wing, 10.5M (US) does not have a high heel. Actually, its sole is attached to the body of the shoe. This enhances your stability when you are climbing on rocks or moving through bushy paths. The sole features engraved patterns, which gives the boot high traction. This is important when you are going to wet areas, such as mountains. It ensures that you do not slide and fall down, which can be dangerous. If you love mountain climbing, this pair of boots, is a must-have.

Ankle collar

For those with sensitive feet, you will appreciate the thoughtfulness of Merrell. They have designed their boots, with an ankle collar. This prevents your feet from getting hurt after wearing it, for a long time. The collar cushions the effects of friction, as you hike.

Trendy design

These hiking boots are designed to face any kind of terrain, with their sticky outer sole, the waterproof covering and the stable built. However, they are not restricted to hiking. They are also a trendy wear, when you are going out with a group of friends.

Merrell Men’s Annex Mid Gore-Tex Boot, Blue Wing, 10.5M (US) is not only functional but also stylish. It is designed with hiking in mind. This boot will allow you to go out during the wet season, without fearing that you will lose control. It is also a comfortable wear. Unlike, other hiking boots that you have come across, which are relegated to hiking, these pair of boots are trendy.